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Is Comedy Falling into Younger Hands?

How many people can say that they were the youngest comedian featured on Comedy Central? Well, a few usually, spanning over different points in time but whatever; you understood where I was going with that. Currently, Bo Burnham still holds the record and he doesn’t seem to look as if he’s slowing his roll anytime soon. He was 18 when he was brought to perform and his crude humor began to settle perfectly into the entertainment business. at 16, he had already been viewed millions of times via his YouTube channel where he occasionally posted videos of himself playing piano and singing along.

Now at the ripened age of 23, Burnham has performed across the pond a few times as well as all over America. Four tours later, Bo has a published book or prose and poetry and has written/starred in a scripted series on MTV and is still looking to further himself in the world of comedy. In coming into the new media from a young age, Bo was subjected to the newest brand of heckler, internet trolls; even weathered comedians will throw shade in Burnham’s direction and state that he isn’t a real comedian because he didn’t fight through the trenches of underground, stand-up comedy.  He was even brought on a show to reflect against hardened comedians to talk about his youthful humor.

xfs_600x400_s80_201 Judd Apatow Bo Burnham Marc Maron Ray Romano Garry Shandling 3-0

Still, Bo thrives, pumping out new material almost daily via Twitter, Vine, and various other media outlets; his audience, mostly young adults, relate incredibly well due to the possible lack of an age gap thus leading to the possibility that he will grow with his audience and never really lose them as his material matures.

Recently, his popularity spiked incredibly when a completely self-filmed, self-paid free comedy special entitled what. was released; reporting back to his old stomping ground, Bo posted the hour-long special on his YouTube page and it grabbed up a lot of views within the first week and it still grows everyday. Various of outlets and people have stated that this will be Burnham’s only high point in his career but many of his fans believe differently. Perhaps only time will tell what happens with the young comedian but, from his past work and perseverance, it doesn’t look like he’s leaving the game anytime soon.



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