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Lotus hits the road again to promote, sell and serenade elctro- infused audiences with their newly released self-titled album.

In lieu of their rising popularity, Lotus decided to mix things up and include a guest recording. The album’s closing tune is a remix of their hit track “Orchids” done by none other than fellow progressive dance band, The Album Leaf.

The bands reportedly met while on tour summer of 2010 where they headlined three shows together with Sound Tribe Sector 9 in New York City, Boston and Philadelphia, three cities deep in the electronic scene.

PHOTO CRED: lotsinsound.org

Lotus takes their music in a new direction with this freshly released masterpiece, as they seem to be following the current trend of taking their sound further down the increasingly- popular electronic route.

The group appears to sound less like a live jam band and more like a DJ production with this EP’s frequent hip hop sampling sounding incredibly reminiscent of Pretty Lights’ “I Know the Truth”. However, tracks such as Golden Ghost and several other scattered songs still stick to their original vibe of progressive rock, complete with multiple guitar riffs, keyboard solos and less of an emphasis on bass and drums.

The band also further explores their funkier side in the song Livingston Storm with up-tempo beats that audiences much like those In Covington, Kentucky during their applauded performance at the Madison Theatre this past Valentines day, went wild in hopes for a second encore.

Covington, Kentucky Madison Theatre 2/14/12

Lotus commenced their tour on the fourth of February and will be concluding it in Japan at the end of May.

Needless to say, the Colorado- based musical collective has received quite a bit of exposure over the years and with this album being acclaimed as their best yet, who knows the places they will go.


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