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No Need to Wail

While some Ithaca College hipsters might be shocked at the artist choice for this year’s IC Kicks Back, most students are looking forward to hearing reggae on the quad as they enjoy the annual festivities. The legendary Bob Marley’s band, The Wailers, will be performing live at the event, following the Bureau of Concert’s Battle of the Band winners, Second Dam.

Although it may come as a change to those who attended last year’s event, where musical guests and indie icons Wavves and The Walkmen took stage, the music of The Wailers is universally known as easy going and relaxing. At a festival that is all about kicking back and savoring the brief interlude between studying and finals, reggae music should fit in perfectly, as well as the fun sound of Second Dam. Second Dam recently claimed the title of this year’s IC Battle of the Bands, which won them the spot as the opener for The Wailers. This is a great opportunity for the festival to give back to the students by having a local band play as the opener, and also saves the Bureau of Concerts a good sum of money, which helps since they have a relatively small budget compared to other colleges.

They have put the remainder of the funds into other exciting activities such as two large blow up obstacle courses, a photo booth for taking keychain-size pictures, and several other things as well. Also, the food, as well as everything else, will be provided for the students free of charge. There will be outdoor grilling, which will come as a blessing to most students, as they have been growing tired of the cafeteria food throughout the year. Overall, this year’s IC Kicks Back event is looking stellar, and the collective of The Wailers, grilled food, fun activities, and the beautiful weather that is forecasted is only making things better. The event kicks off at 2pm this Friday, May 4th from 2pm until 6pm, and is free at the door.


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