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Bonnaroo. An Experience.

By Rebecca Norton

From June 7th-10th, 2012 in Manchester, Tennessee, Bonnaroo, the music and arts festival will change more than 80,000 attendee’s lives; with more than 150 performances over four days, pure happiness will be discovered.

This modern day hippie fest, takes place on a 700-acre farm. It began in 2002, with only 47 musical performances. This year the main headlines consist of Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beach Boys, Bon Iver, The Shins, Foster and the People, and Skrillex. Last year Ryan Mcginley, a New York Times photographer, said, “Live music is absolutely a religious experience for the fans. They are so completely awestruck by their idols. And it’s like they’re just enraptured, hypnotized, ecstatic and entranced.”

It is amazing that 80,000 people are able to live peacefully for four days in 90-degree weather. At Bonnaroo, there have always been unsaid rules to follow while in attendance, but this year the organization came up with the Bonnaroovian Code. It consists of nine points of conduct, so that everyone has a good time. In the first section, “Be Prepared” the website informs it’s viewers that, “Bonnaroo is closer to Survivorman than your favorite resort”. While at the four daylong concert, you will find yourself covered in dust and positive energy, while building friendships, acting as a team player, and dancing the “bonnaroovian dance”(Bonnaroo, the website).

Bonnaroo is purely, an adventure. Not only are there musical performances, but there will also be several dozen comedians. Ten stages will be constructed to hold all of that excitement. While attending, everyone will be immersed into the beautiful chaos, which is Bonnaroo. Steel Train’s Jack Antonoff spoke on the afterglow of Bonnaroo, “It’s like having sex and going back to Little Rock on Monday holding hands. The rest of the tour you just can’t touch it.”

Tickets for Bonnaroo are still on sale at their website. There are five levels of general admission tickets, and a VIP ticket option as well. The only available ticket price left is $259.50 for a general admission and $1399.50 for a VIP ticket. Even though it is very expensive, it is said to be an experience of a lifetime. Bonnaroo is more music, adventure and “big similes”(Bonnaroo, the website) than you’ll ever experience at a music festival.


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