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American Idol’s Top 24: Did they get it right?

Throughout Idol’s lifespan, we’ve seen some shocking eliminations; there was Jennifer Hudson from Season 4, Chris Daughtry from Season 5, and Pia Toscano from Season 10. http://www.iviewtube.com/videos/181300/pia-toscano-eliminated-from-american-idol-video It’s one thing when America chooses the verdict for Idol contestants, but another when the judges are the one who are responsible for their future. The eleventh season … Continue reading

University of Memphis Tigers move from C-USA to Big-East

After basketball power houses Syracuse, Pittsburgh and West Virginia left the Big-East, Big East commissioner John Marinatto had no choice but to add The University of Memphis to the conference. Since The University of Memphis was snubbed from when the Big-East invited five schools in 2005 from C-USA to join, Memphis has dominated C-USA. Most … Continue reading


MEGHAN METZLER Lotus hits the road again to promote, sell and serenade elctro- infused audiences with their newly released self-titled album. In lieu of their rising popularity, Lotus decided to mix things up and include a guest recording. The album’s closing tune is a remix of their hit track “Orchids” done by none other than … Continue reading

Nicki’s Religious Controversy at the Grammys

Nicki Minaj’s appearance at the 2012 Grammy Awards was what some might consider a bizarre one. With a Pope as her date and an exorcism-mirroring performance, the night was one that we will all remember. The Female-Rap Superstar was nominated for four Grammy awards this year, but that wasn’t the only reason why all eyes … Continue reading

Adele’s Winning Night

British songstress Adele took over the night at the 54th annual Grammy awards. The singer swept the night with victory over 6 Grammy awards, meaning for every award that she was nominated for she won. After recovering from her unfortunate vocal cord surgery she was back at it again. The artist underwent surgery for a … Continue reading

‘Potter’ Snubbed With Oscar Nominations

Last month the list of Oscar nominations was announced and many moviegoers couldn’t help but notice a small number of nominations for one particular film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Ten years of cinema magic came to a close last year with the release of the final Potter film and many fans of … Continue reading

School Shooting At Chardon High School, Ohio

On the morning of February 27, 2012, sophomore student T.J. Lane shot 5 students at Chardon High School, about 35 miles east of Cleveland, Ohio. Just before 8 AM students reported hearing shots fired in the cafeteria where several individuals were enjoying their breakfast. According to ABC News, Junior Nate Mueller saw his friend get … Continue reading

“But, You Don’t Look Sick…”

Sufferers of Chiari Malformation have a serious medical condition, without necessarily appearing sickly and ill. Chiari Malformation is a congenital deformity in the cerebellum. To raise money for research, a walk will be held in Utica, New York this March. Chiari Malformation is the herniation of the cerebellar region of the brain that causes the … Continue reading

Get Some Sun!

If you live in the Great Northeast, chances are, by now, you are longing for the fleeting sun of summer. Likewise, our bodies are craving the essential Vitamin D that is provided by glorious sunshine. Here in Ithaca, NY there is a 32% chance of a sunny day in the month of February. Three days … Continue reading

Sex and the Super Bowl? Not Buying it.

As part of a major television event, Super Bowl commercials are the signature addition that amplify the cultural phenomena surrounding the game. Each year, they become more noticeably bizarre and theatrically outrageous in order to surpass the prior expectations of the audience. Americans typically view these ads as a form of bonus entertainment to the … Continue reading



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