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The Best of The Worst

4chan takes on its greatest adversary – Itself!

It’s getting to be that time of the year, the time when you put on your cleats and shin guards, then sit down at your computer to watch the 4chan Babby cup!

For those not familiar, 4chan is the world’s largest English language image posting site. It allows its users to remain completely anonymous, and has a reputation as the most infamous site on the net. But 4chan isn’t just a single page of bile and evil, it’s split up into 63 different boards that each have their own unique traffic and topics. There are boards for everything, from papercraft and origami to video games, and everything in between. Perhaps the most famous board is the “random” board, /b/.

The Babby Cup is a hallowed tradition that half of the site isn’t even familiar with, but those that are follow it with gusto. Each game is played via the video game FIFA Worldcup. Each board makes a team, whose astatic and players are all references to things having to do with what is posted on said board. This results in each board having a team that reflects the denizens and popular topics as well as inside jokes of the board. The game itself is played in “coach mode”, where the formations and overall strategy of each team is determined by the player or “coach” selected by the board, but the game itself is played by the computer.

There are 4 Babby Cups each year: The winter cup has 32 randomly selected teams, and the following spring cup has the other 32 boards. The 16 top placing boards of each cup then face off in the summer cup, while the bottom placing 16 of the winter and spring cup play each other in the autumn cup.

Due to how the games are played, the outcome is fairly unpredictable. This combined with each board’s friendlies and rivalries makes each Babby Cup a chance for excitement, surprises, and rage. Underdogs overtaking old favorites is far from unheard of, a notable example being the last spring cup, in which /mlp/ (a board created solely for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magictook home the cup with a landslide victory.

Even if you don’t set foot on the site, the cup is still a fascinating as well as entertaining part of internet culture. For more info about the upcoming cup, as well as the 4chan cup as a whole, check out the official wiki.

With the autumn cup coming up, the time to “get hype” is now! Which board will you be rooting for?



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