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Shopping Cart Victim Suing for Faulty Security

Marion Hedges, the victim of a shopping cart accident back in October 2011, is finally pressing charges with husband Michael Hedges on the Target Shopping Center in Harlem, NY.

The Manhattan mother was finding her way back to her car when a shopping cart struck her from four stories above, temporarily “killing her” until medics arrived on the scene. She was quickly put into a medically induced coma due to head injuries and woke up with little memory of herself or her family. The two boys responsible for the prank, Raymond Hernandez (12) and Jeovanni Rosario (13), put an end to Marion and her son’s trip to buy candy for the less fortunate.

“’She’s not the same person. Talking to her is like talking to a nine-year-old or a 90-year-old.” A source said to the Post. This isn’t too far from the truth; months after the accident, she is still being hospitalized and struggling to remember her once close friends. Marion’s husband Michael Hedges is taking action and filing a lawsuit against the Target Shopping Center for having inadequate security in the parking garage, claiming the accident wouldn’t have happened if they had better security.

The Hedges may be fighting Target,  but Marion says she has fully forgiven the two boys, though the law hasn’t let them off yet. The judge could sentence the boys to probation or to custody until their 18th birthday, depending on their hearing which will take place sometime this winter.

“She’ll never be the same. They altered her life forever.” said a law enforcement source to the NY Post. It’s a shame that such a terrible prank could happen to such a selfless woman, out buying candy for the less fortunate last Halloween. Marion’s children are being watched by close friends and family, but are having a hard time coping with the situation. Both children are in weekly therapy sessions while Michael is away organizing court dates.

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