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Lollapalooza, an experience like no other.

A guitar screeches as Josh Homme screams into a mic. The crowd around pulsates to the music as you feel yourself swept up in the enveloping and hectic atmosphere. These are the sights and sounds  witnessed at Lollapalooza.

On August 1st through the 3rd, Chicago will once again welcome Lollapalooza, a festival known for its diverse lineup, good vibes and exuberant audience, into it’s open arms. This 2013 lineup includes appearances from Mumford and Sons, Local Natives, Grizzly Bear and Queens of the Stone Age. The festival’s promo video can be seen here:

“I think the idea of having a huge music festival right in the middle of a giant, thriving city like Chicago is an experience that is few and far between,” previous Lollapalooza attendee, Kathryn Paquet went on to say, “Standing out in front of the stage at night during a headlining set and being surrounded by brightly-lit skyscrapers on one side and Lake Michigan on the other is really the coolest thing ever.”

The delightfully rich array of music at this festival leave it’s audience members in awe as they travel from the melancholic, layered melodies of Local Natives to the raw, rock-filled energy of Queens of the Stone Age. Another notable mark of this festival is the friendly and vivacious crowd that it seems to attract year after year. This gives the festival a very distinct quality, while the backdrop of the beautiful city of Chicago only enhances the listeners’ experience.

Started in 1991 by Jane’s Addiction’s lead singer, Perry Farrell, as a farewell tour for his band, Lollapalooza has been going strong ever since. The festival has now grown into a world-renowned musical spectacle, drawing in crowds of over 160,000 people each year.

For three, beautiful days the city of Chicago is filled with jaw-dropping music that is rooted in a tradition that has captivated crowds for over 20 years. Now, the festival captivates people from all over the world. The lineup, atmosphere, and location make Lollapalooza a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

To watch Queens of the Stone Age’s entire Lollapalooza set click here:


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