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Cher Embarks on All-New World Tour Pushing 70 Years Old!

If I could turn back time, I believe I speak for all of Cher’s fan base when I say that I wouldn’t change a thing.

Once again, worldwide superstar Cher is getting ready to embark on a nearly sold-out world tour, her Dressed To Kill Tour, starting March 22nd in Phoenix, Arizona. This tour is in support of her historical 25th studio album, Closer to the Truth. And nothing is closer to the truth than saying that at 67 years old, Cher has not skipped a beat since beginning her career almost 50 years ago!

Cher has always found the perfect balance of staying relevant throughout the decades without having to sell out. She has flawlessly made transitions through various music types through the years, starting with her folk roots with Sonny, continuing along those lines before adapting more of a “rocker” persona in the 80’s, followed by a transition into dance-pop at the top of the millennium, becoming an icon in the gay community and the Cher we know and love today.

The expectations are high for this tour but Cher has never done anything short of extraordinary, nowadays more than ever before in her career, when it comes to dazzling her fans during live performances. She takes pride in actually singing live for performances, made evident by her recent performances on the David Letterman Show and on Dancing With The Stars. That trademark bellowing voice makes it completely worth sitting through an hour of DWTS.

Any right-minded fan would much rather hear a performer put his or her heart and soul into a live performances with a few imperfections than watch someone mouth along to a pre-recorded track. It’s disrespectful to the fans and to the music industry. At 67, Cher has the world’s utmost respect for staying true to the music.

Some of Cher’s best live work has been over the past fifteen years. Her outrageous outfits, hilarious antics and sense of humor have kept her relevant in the present and a constant topic of conversation. From her “Do You Believe?” Tour to her Farewell tour (which obviously did not live up to its name) to her residency at the Colosseum (which lasted THREE YEARS) to her upcoming tour, Cher has put on a bigger show each time, and that’s reflected in everything from the reviews to the ticket sales. Her dance hits such as “Believe” and “Woman’s World” make people old and young want to get up and dance. Her living legend status alone is enough to sell out arenas, and that will be evident when the Dressed to Kill Tour is underway this March.


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