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American Idol’s Top 24: Did they get it right?

Throughout Idol’s lifespan, we’ve seen some shocking eliminations; there was Jennifer Hudson from Season 4, Chris Daughtry from Season 5, and Pia Toscano from Season 10.


It’s one thing when America chooses the verdict for Idol contestants, but another when the judges are the one who are responsible for their future. The eleventh season has just begun, and there have already been several cliffhangers. Contestants with incredible talent, that even rival some of the best singers that are known today, have been eliminated. The show’s audience has already started rooting for some early favorites.

Deandre Bradensick is no stranger to American Idol, having been cut from the top 24 last year, he came back this year and has improved mightily from last season, and is sure to be a prominent member of the group. Colton Dixon was also cut from the Top 24 last year, and didn’t even plan on competing this year; however, it only took a little persuasion from the judges to get him to audition.  While he faced stiff competition, he also earned a spot in the Top 24.

Elise Testone also captivated many Idolites with her strong, raspy voice- comparable to Amy Winehouse. During group week, her group performed “The Night has a Thousand Eyes,” and her “beat boxing to melody” got a standing ovation. Along with Testone, were three other very strong and capable contestants. One of these, was the youngest contestant of the season, 15-year old Eben Franckewitz who consistently received appraisal from the judges since his audition in Pittsburgh.


Another young contestant that kept the audience on their feet was 16-year old Jessica Sanchez, whose performance in Las Vegas got rave reviews, easily granting her into the Top 24. Bradensick was part of Sanchez’s group in Vegas, and both got standing ovations.


There is an additional twist to this season’s Top 24. The cut from the Top 42 to the Top 24 was so brutal, that the judges decided to choose an additional male member to the group; something that has never happened on this show throughout all eleven seasons.


This season on American Idol looks to be a promising one, as new stars will arise from this talented group. Tune in on FOX Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm to watch these talented contestants captivate the audience.


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