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Ithacappella Takes the Stage


Friday night on April 20th, the State Theatre at downtown Ithaca was sold out because Ithacapella owned the stage, and anybody who made it to the arena in time witnessed a truly fantastic show. 

While a show brought by Ithacappella is certainly never a disappointment, that night, this group seemed to be on another level of star quality. This was also the first time a college group played at this venue, and that alone was reason enough to check it out.


            This all male acapella band performed some past successes such as Stereo Hearts, and Keep your Head Up, which were two main benchmark performances in previous shows.


(Stereo Hearts was one of the band’s most popular performances, so much the case that they had to do it again in the Block 4 concert!)



            All these past performances showcased what this group does so naturally. The vocals were good, the backup melodies and harmonies were also very well executed and in terms of what the group did with the song, the term “genius” would very accurately describe their performance. Ithacappella was able to pull off these kinds of past performances so well, that it seemed like a thoughtless option to perform these masterpieces once more.


            This certainly wasn’t to say that all Ithacappella did was play encore performances, and that certainly was not the case. They also executed some new acapella versions of songs that perfectly fitted their style of music. Somebody that I Used to Know and The Other Side were only two examples, but arguably one of the group’s best performances to date.



(This song became very popular recently, and this rendition can only take the popularity higher from there)


            Overall, Ithacapella put on a brilliant show, and I was extremely impressed with what I saw. Every performance showcased a different, yet tasteful aspect of what this group has to offer- whether it being the vocals, the background music or the style in how everything was performed. I’m already fidgeting in excitement for next year in how the group will mix things up! 

Written by, Sam Horan


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