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Internet Use in High Schools

Use of the Internet has come a long way since its invention. It has become a main source of information for projects and common knowledge. But, there’s still debate over its use in highs schools.

Since people tend to think there’s a problem with the way technology takes over our lives, many dispute that the use of internet, and devices that give us access to the internet, in high school classrooms takes away from the learning aspect. They aren’t moving forward to the 21st century, and, those high schools who do allow their students to access the schools wireless network set up blockers to many websites that could give students valuable information.

What should be done within schools is setting up specific guidelines like some already do (Del Norte, Xavier, Grant). With said guidelines, there should be courses taught in elementary or middle schools about proper internet etiquette to counteract the negative uses of the internet, since internet is most definitely going to become a part of everyone’s life eventually. This would keep children and teens up to date with the technology of the twenty-first century while helping with what goes on in people’s private homes as well as keeping students safe while in school. However, they should not be putting up site blockers with these guidelines.

As written in the article Schools Should Be Teaching Kids How to Use the Internet Well, “Supervision of computer use is far better for educational purposes than simply shutting down useful websites completely.” This supervision can include not only school computers but personal laptops, iPads, and other mobile devices being used in the classroom. It’s like having a dictionary, a thesaurus, an encyclopedia, as well as other people’s personal opinions at the tips of your fingers when you need further information on the topic. Sometimes, this immediate research is restricted by site blockers.

“In a country where we expect free WiFi with our coffee, we should definitely demand it in our schools,” says Barrack Obama. This is definitely something to think about, due to all the information available on the web that people can get in coffee shops and not at their own high school. If he could reinforce a program of learning internet etiquette and not blocking basic sites, then we’d be one step closer to the internet use of the future being a better place and students understanding how to use it more efficiently while in class.


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