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The Impact of Global Warming on Halloween Costumes


Every year Girls Halloween costumes become more and more revealing.

Al Gore has educated the world on the risks of global warming, but just how bad is it? What Al Gore forgot to mention in An Inconvenient Truth was the impact on the female community. As the temperature keeps rising people are forced to wear fewer clothes in a desperate attempt to stay cool. This is especially true for girls on Halloween. This time of the year used to be an enjoyable time where people could express themselves by showcasing their sense of humor, or honoring their favorite celebrity or television icon. However, these overheated girls are tarnishing our fond memories by wearing overly revealing costumes of our idols. There are revealing costumes for Big Bird, the Statue of Liberty, and even Scooby Doo. Ruh Roh. Unfortunately, it is not just iconic people and characters that are being tarnished anymore. There are costumes for “Sexy Hot Sauce” and “Sexy Candy Corn”. Nothing is safe, and it is at a time like this when we need to team together to fight against these costumes. Unfortunately, just like every other emerging trend there is someone who tries to make money off of it. There are multiple websites that dedicate page after page of these “Sexy” Costumes. One website in particular has over 400 “sexy” costumes with the prices ranging from $14 – $400. The “sexy” costume industry is not holding back and every October they release newer, sexier, costumes that will ruin your childhood just a little more than the previous year. Hopefully these costumes will motivate people to pollute less, recycle more, and learn from the mistakes that we as a people have made to put us in this situation. Hopefully, we will act soon before even more personal idols become tarnished. Currently our irresponsible solutions are not slowing down which will add to the fear factor this Halloween.   


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