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“Gun Control”

Gov. Cuomo gets a handshake and a pat on the back from a supporter to celebrate the new gun legislation. (New York Times)

Gov. Cuomo gets a handshake and a pat on the back from a supporter to celebrate the new gun legislation. (NY Times)

New York State governor Andrew Cuomo passes tighter gun control, but the question remains: who is it really controlling?

Eager to be the very first state governor in the country to enforce tighter gun control, our New York State representative Andrew Cuomo lobbies congress in a sideways attempt to stop these tragedies. Yes, it seems as though these shootings have been happening at a much higher frequency in the past decade, yet some argue it may just be adding insult to injury when all people want to do is simply protect themselves from harm. Some are hinting at the fact that the push for the legislation is in poor taste: “…lawmakers were acknowledging that they would have to pass a second measure to clean up some of its errors,” the article said. The legislation has passed and will remain effective as of January 15th, 2013.

It’s almost hard to argue against the fact that gun control is necessary in this day and age, primarily because so many feel as though they are unsafe in their own homes and schools. Remembering that fact, we also recognize that these shootings have happened at random, and it’s as if the fear has grown that much larger in scale for the average American citizen. This subject hits very close to home for me, living only minutes away from the Webster shooting that happened Christmas Eve of 2012, where a gunman open-fire ambushed and killed two Rochester City Fire Department men on call that morning.

The unfortunate events (Newtown Shooting and the Webster Shooting) have created a sort of ripple effect, rooting the idea in so many individuals minds that there must be more gun control. The opposing arguments on the issue will differ from those with big families and relatives that have been affected by these two stories in particular, but the truth of the matter is: Cuomo wanted to be the first and he was. He didn’t want to give the permitted citizen the opportunity to stock up on whatever guns they so choose to possess. The following video is approximately a 2 minute, 30 second summary of the new legislation and it’s process through Albany.

Unfortunately, this does not take the crime out of the criminal, and by that I mean criminals break laws. Period. They will continue to break laws because they are criminals, and they simply would not be criminals if they did otherwise. Making the law tighter will only affect those who are law abiding citizens. The issue now will come to what they call “mandatory sale.” This means the Government [now] has the power to take your weapons and sell them to you at an amount that they see fitting; whatever the weapon is worth to them. ‘Confiscation could be an option’ are the words heard ’round the world…

“Jerry Brown [governor of CA] just signed a brand new law making it illegal to carry even long guns (bolt action rifles, shotguns) in public places in California. Maryland is already moving in the same direction. The people who have been waiting in the wings to gut the Second Amendment have not let the sudden wave of sympathy and horror escape their notice or go to waste,” says Jazz Shaw of HotAir.com. (links also from article.)

In conclusion, these town shootings serve as hard evidence toward the idea that gun control in general is necessary.  Guns were invented in order to creatively affect human survival skills and were eventually used in war. With that said, we are now beginning to fight our Second Amendment right to bare arms. We all understand that guns exist and that they are out there, but is it really all that intuitive to just try to take them away, as if they don’t exist to some extent? It’s hard to say where Governor Andrew Cuomo, and other state politicians, insists on going with these rough gun laws, but it’s probably safe to say your average country bumpkin will be upset to realize they might not be able to make their famous venison chili come hunting season….

(by Chelsea Weiss)


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