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Heat Death Enterprises Production Team Completes College Career

What do you get when you combine the talents of a sarcastic writer, a genius cinematographer, and an extremely versatile voice actor? The Heat Death Enterprises production team.

The Heat Death Enterprises production team is made up of Andrew Zucosky, senior Television-Radio major, Sam Schnorr, senior Cinema and Photography major, and SB Kasulke, Ithaca College class of ’12. The trio has written and produced not one, but two very highly-anticipated thesis films of the semester: Schnorr’s Cinema thesis Food Baby, a psychedelic “love story” about a man who gives birth to a food baby after eating an unfortunate combination of semen and fast food, and Zucosky’s Media thesis Boogie Frights, the story of a porn set destroyed by the presence of Dracula the vampire.


Food Baby poster.

The two films will be screened at Media Thesis screenings and Cinema Thesis screenings and will be the final projects that the team produces at Ithaca College. Some of their earlier work includes two VIC radio specialty shows, one a satire news show called Libertwee News Radio, the other a sketch show called Heat Death Playhouse. The Libertwee News Radio team also guest-starred on two episodes of ICTV show Experts Say, one of  which can be viewed here.

Last spring, Schnorr and Kasulke wrote a film called Lesbian with a Truck for Schnorr’s Advanced Cinema Production class. The film featured Zucosky as the antagonist Andrew Reginald Wimer, head of the lobster mafia that’s out to take over America get rid of all lesbians. The film was very well-received, and created hype for whatever Heat Death would come up with next.

The trailer for Lesbian with a Truck can be viewed here.

While each of the Heat Deathians has their own specific talents, by no means are any of them limited by these roles. “Kasulke is kind of the main writer,” says Zucosky, “but Sam and I contribute as well. All three of us wrote Boogie Frights and Sam and SB wrote Food Baby.”

Despite the numerous projects this team has produced, they still have not really been recognized in the Ithaca College film scene. “That [would be] under the assumption that people actually pay attention to stuff like that, which I don’t think they do,” says Zucosky. “That’s never been a problem for us though. We’ve never done it for an audience, we’ve never done it for the people on campus, we do it for us. And we’re enjoying it and we’re making ourselves laugh and that’s all we care about.”

When asked about plans for the future, Zucosky smiles and chuckles, saying “Yes. Yes, after graduation we’ve been in a lot of talks of continuing Heat Death and making more productions with each other.” Perhaps someday the Heat Death team will have a cult following.



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