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Does Tyler The Creator Create Hate?

Lesbian Gay Bi Transgendered (LGBT) groups label rapper, Tyler The Creator a homophobe for his use of gay slurs in his lyrics. Tyler protests such accusations.

-Is “Faggot” a word that implies hate? Tyler doesn’t think so or care.

Tyler claims that he has no homophobic intention with the use of the word “faggot” in his lyrics, but critics are angry nonetheless. Does society put too much emphasis on words?

“Oh, not again! Another critic writing report. I’m stabbing any blogging faggot hipster with a pitchfork,” declares rapper Tyler The Creator in his song  “Yonkers.” This line probably best sets the tone of Tyler’s lyrics. His rhymes poke fun at society with a satirical call towards violence against it. All with the use of profanity.

While many of these hipsters embrace him for his call to anarchy, LGBT groups are outraged by his homophobic lyrics. Indie-rock duo, Tegan and Sara publicly condemn Tyler for his lyrics.  Tyler tweeted a retort to these lesbian twins.

Tyler's Tweet

Although Tyler’s tweet does not really help his case, Tyler claims that he does not hate gays or lesbians. There is even a lesbian rapper named Syd the Kyd  in his music group, Odd Future. Truthfully, Tyler is simply a self proclaimed “hooligan” trying to stir up some trouble and get some attention.

He cites the fact that his generation tosses around the word “gay” to imply “stupid” or “lame” as justification for its use. Tyler refuses to apologize for his use of the word “faggot.” He is purposely using words that hurt because “a lot of people take stuff too seriously.” 

Many homosexuals do not care about Tyler’s actual feelings towards the gay community. They are just upset with him for using such words. However, there are still some homosexuals who do not see what the big deal is.

“Honestly, I really am not bothered by those kinds of lyrics because I like to look at the positive side of our society, in which there is an atmosphere of acceptance and a movement away from using those kinds of words,” says gay college student, Jeremy Bowen.

At the end of the day what does it even matter what Tyler The Creator thinks or says? He is just a kid. Society puts far too much emphasis on the power of words. After all, isn’t a presidential candidate opposing civil unions a lot more damaging and offensive to the gay community than a rapper using the word “faggot?”

We really cannot take Tyler’s lyrics too seriously. Although, I sincerely hope he doesn’t stab me with a pitchfork.


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