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Neknominate: The Bastard Child of Rampant Alcoholism and Social Media (By Michael Evans, 6:50pm class)

Michael Evans Professor Bohn Intro to Media Writing 2/27/14 Neknominate: The Bastard Child of Rampant Alcoholism and Social Media Subhead: What started as a simple drinking game has caused major uproar and even death. An Australian man in his early twenties wearing a tank top and a flat brimmed cap adjusts a low quality camcorder … Continue reading

The Rise and Fall of SB1062

For the past week, different parts of the country have rallied behind each side of a political war that has raged in Arizona over a bill that could potentially allow shop owners the right to deny service to homosexual patrons. SB1062, or the “anti-gay” bill as it is now commonly known, would allow all business … Continue reading

True Beauty Shines Through

Society’s beauty standards are slipping through the cracks of well-intentioned businesses. Every second, the media spits out more unrealistic images of physical beauty into the impressionable faces of young people. Although men don’t escape the spray, women seem to be especially targeted.   One trend that has taken the media by storm is Photoshop, which … Continue reading

Is Comedy Falling into Younger Hands?

How many people can say that they were the youngest comedian featured on Comedy Central? Well, a few usually, spanning over different points in time but whatever; you understood where I was going with that. Currently, Bo Burnham still holds the record and he doesn’t seem to look as if he’s slowing his roll anytime … Continue reading

Ellen Page’s Bold Move

Actress Ellen Page recently made a big announcement. Best known for her Oscar-nominated role in Juno, the actress came out as gay at a Human Rights Campaign event in Las Vegas. “I’m here today because I am gay,” Page announced to the audience. That statement was followed by an enormous round of cheers and applause. She … Continue reading

Venezuelan Protests: What is going on?

There are many cities in Venezuela marked by a new black color on the streets. It is the ash from burning tires and garbage that defines the most common method of protesting. Venezuela has become the scene of the largest opposition protests against the government since the last election campaign. Citizens have organized several protests … Continue reading

SNL’s Change-Up

The iconic television show, Saturday Night Live, hired Sasheer Zamata, a female, African-American cast member for the second half of its thirty-ninth season, along with two other female, African-America writers. Zamata is surprisingly the first female African-America cast member to be on the show in six years, with the last being alum Maya Rudolph. Zamata … Continue reading

The Humans of New York Story

Humans of New York (HONY) is a page that was created to capture the people of New York City using photography. Brandon Stanton is the street photographer and creator behind it all. Photography is an art of its own, but it becomes much more powerful with an amazing photographer. Stanton started Humans of New York … Continue reading

The Crafty Price of Withholding Contraceptives

How much is Hobby Lobby willing to pay to preserve their religious beliefs? Hobby Lobby, a Christian family owned and operated chain of craft stores, faces millions of dollars in fines weekly by not providing government-mandated birth control to employees. David Green, the CEO and founder of Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., runs his business on … Continue reading

Fraternities: Social Death Traps?

  Past the glamour of spilled beer and hazing, lies the historic academic and social foundations of fraternities that lures in bright eyed college students every year. Greek life is considered by many to be the epitome of the college experience. However, the ludicrous stories that emerge from these houses have attracted their fair share … Continue reading



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