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The Ithaca SufferJets and the Ithaca Blue Stockings both win in a Double Header


On September 12th, 2015, both teams of the Ithaca League of Women Rollers, the SufferJets and the Blue Stockings, pulled off wins in a Double Header at Cass Park, Ithaca, NY.

The Double Header included two bouts: the first was the Ithaca SufferJets vs the Central NY Quadfathers, and the second was the Ithaca Blue Stockings vs Cortland NY’s Seven Valley Rollers. The final scores were 201 SufferJets, 142 Quadfathers; and 266 Blue Stockings, 118 Seven Valley Rollers.

The first whistle of the night went off at 6:00pm with the SufferJets vs. the Quadfathers, and the game went smoothly with few time-outs. The game started off with both teams maintaining about the same amount of points, but about halfway through the first half the SufferJets had pulled ahead by about 40 points. They maintained that lead until the end of the game, but the Quadfathers didn’t let them pull too far ahead, as evident in the scores.

The second game with the Blue Stockings vs. the Seven Valley Rollers started right on time at 8:00pm, and also went smoothly with few time-outs. However, the Blue Stockings pulled and maintained their lead much sooner in the game. They also kept increasing the point gap, whereas in the SufferJets case the point gap stayed similar throughout the game. This made the game much less close. The Blue Stockings won by 148 points, and the SufferJets won by only 59 points.

In any case, both games went smoothly and both teams pulled off impressive wins in these bouts. This was the Blue Stockings last game of the season, and the SufferJets’ second to last. (The SufferJets last game was on October 3rd, 2015 against the Grand Central Terminators.) So, congratulations to the Ithaca SufferJets and the Ithaca Blue Stockings, and good luck to all of the Roller Derby teams out there next season!


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