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Miami’s Ultra Music Festival tradition continues this March


Hardwell live on the main stage at Ultra at Miami 2015.


Ultra Music Festival in Miami is coming right around the corner as the new year approaches. March 18th, 19th, and 20th mark Ultra’s eighteenth annual edition of electronic dance music’s most anticipated event.

What once started as a humble one-day electronic music concert, the Ultra Music Festival has turned into one of the largest music festivals in the world. South Beach was the initial home of this electronic music concert custom. With its incredible success in its first two years, Ultra was moved to Bayfront Park in Downtown, Miami. As electronic dance music rapidly expanded across the world, the event gained more and more attention. Today, the Ultra Music Festival is the second largest music festival in the United States.

Regular Ultra fans know that the festival typically falls on the last weekend of March. However, festival reps explain that because Easter is the 27th of March, they must schedule it for the previous weekend.

When the festival-goers complained about ticket prices almost reaching $500, hotel prices going through the roof, and drinks costing a fortune, Ultra reps proved their loyalty to their fans by dropping the prices down about $100 from last year’s costs. VIP tickets, however, have risen from $1,149.95 to $1,249.95.

Though ticket prices have declined, the once-in-a-lifetime experience will not dwindle. Ultra continues to offer the top names in the electronic dance music community – and a lot of them. Last year we saw impeccable performances from Tiesto, Kygo, Avicii, Chromeo, and much more. Ultra guarantees the same top-tier lineup for this coming March.

Even with the profusion of highly-talented DJs, there is always one in particular that stands out. Kyle Verduin, an extreme electronic dance music fan at the University of Miami, believes that Carnage will steal the 2016 show. Verduin describes Carnage’s insane performances at clubs in Miami as “utter chaos.”

Ultra comes equipped with seven stages, in which over 150 DJs from across the world share. The main stage features about forty of only the upper-echelon electronic music DJs. If your favorite DJ did not make the main stage lineup, do not worry; there are six other stages.

While confetti litter all seven stages with fun, fireworks and laser flashes dance with the crowd for a truly overwhelming and unforgettable experience. Want a taste of the atmosphere? Tap here , to watch the 4K (2160p) 2015 Utra Music Festival Aftermovie.

Ultra is the most renowned event for electronic dance music. Every year, Ultra has shows all around the globe. Ultra at Miami, however, sets itself apart. This the reason why electronic dance music fans like Kyle Verduin want to be apart of it.
Tickets can be bought at ultramusicfestival.com/tickets/miami/.


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