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Hellish Cruise

Aliyah Huntley
Media Writing
February 28, 2013
Professor Bohn
Hellish Cruise
A ship by the name of Carnival Triumph was stranded in the Gulf of Mexico with thousands of people aboard earlier this month. The passengers were forced to stay on the ship for five days.
On February seventh, two thousand thirteen, the Carnival Triumph also known as the “Hellish Cruise,” departed from Galveston with four thousand and two hundred people on the ship. A few days later, an engine room fire knocked its primary source on the ship while they were at least one hundred and fifty miles away from the Mexico Yucatan Peninsula.
After knocking out the primary source on the ship, it made it hard for to keep the water and plumbing system stable. Instead of people getting the vacation they wanted, they had to deal with temperature increasing, air conditioners not working, the toilets not working properly which led to human waste to spill on the floors. Also since they water wasn’t working properly, they were forced to deal with unpleasant odors from the human wastes as well as the humans themselves.
Because of being trapped in the middle of nowhere and the power not working, the passengers had to deal with limited food. Some of the food that was still left over was spoiled from the fact that nothing on the ship was really working.
Some passengers are filing a lawsuit against the Carnival Triumph because of this incident that occurred earlier this month. But “Carnival has said it would give each passenger $500, a free flight home, a full refund for their trip and for most expenses on board, as well as a credit for another cruise,” Tom Watkins CNN.
The Hellish Cruise was a terrible situation that people had to go through. It’s not the first time a ship has been stranded for days, but it was thankfully a ship that eventually made it back to shore.



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