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One small step for technology, one giant leap for cyberbullies…

Have you ever had a date that went south? Starting in November 2015, the world can know every detail about that horrible first date on Peeple-a new app for rating humans romantically, personally, and professionally.

There is no opt-out feature for Peeple. Anyone can enter you in to its systems with only your phone number. Once entered, your profile will remain online for anybody to search and review from one to five stars.

Even the most biased of reviews cannot be deleted by the person being reviewed. Thus, leaving anyone from your average Joe all the way to the President of the United States vulnerable to libel.

A deleted Facebook post by one of the co-founders surfaced on Twitter where Cordray asks how to delete the bad reviews that Peeple was receiving. Mind you, the entire premise of the Peeple app is to not allow the deleting of reviews.

Co-Founders of the new app, Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough, have been quick to stand by their product when the social-media shaming began on September 30th, 2015 after the Washington Post addressed their concerns. Even posting an “Ode to Courage” where the founders explain that they are innovators and when innovation is introduced it is usually discouraged. However, the world does not see these two women as modern-day Henry Ford’s when his invention of a motor was overlooked.

A YouTube video posted of a random stranger giving his thoughts on the app concept on September 13th is very different than the initial reviews given on social media. The man depicted said that “[Peeple is] not a bad idea,” but reputable news sources such as CNN and Forbes would care to disagree.

In an article by the Chicago Tribune, the Peeple app was tested on adorned Disney characters in the voice of other characters in the films. The results, although funny when fictional, could bring even the happiest of people to tears.

Possibly the harshest critics of the app is the other Peeple, a camera that connects to a door’s peephole and can be viewed through a phone app. The company told Wired that its “branding  is in tatters” now after the recent uproar over Peeple the app.

Despite the array of bad reviews and being called a “Cyberbully’s Dream,” the Peeple app is still set to launch between mid to late-November on iOS and development will continue for Android devices.


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