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The Impact of Global Warming on Halloween Costumes

  Every year Girls Halloween costumes become more and more revealing. Al Gore has educated the world on the risks of global warming, but just how bad is it? What Al Gore forgot to mention in An Inconvenient Truth was the impact on the female community. As the temperature keeps rising people are forced to … Continue reading

Hydraulic Fracturing in New York

New York State has had a moratorium on fracking for the past 6 years.  The debate on whether the state should lift this moratorium is more alive now than ever.   One of the most controversial topics in New York State right now is hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking. There has been a moratorium … Continue reading

Detroit City Services Still Crippled During a Rash of Arson

A hollow and rotting shell of it’s former self, the once prolific Detriot is in the midst of a rampant arson outbreak. Some homes burn unattended as the withering state departments run out of options. Up until the second World War, Detroit was an incredibly bustling city in the heart of the automotive industry. According … Continue reading

Obamacare vs. The Affordable Care Act- Things that seem the same, but poll differently

Obamacare, most Americans hear that word and shudder. Recent surveys have discovered that 55% of Americans are against Obamacare, however, when surveyed about the Affordable Care Act the polls showed 70% of Americans approved. So the country has clearly shown that we should choose the Affordable Care Act, the only problem is Obamacare and the … Continue reading

A Leap into the Future

With all the recent upgrades in technology over the past few years I was surprised that there was not any gismos or gadgets that allowed you to use the hands free 3D motion technology that is used in the Wii and Xbox connect. Then I heard of the Leap Motion, which is a little plug-in … Continue reading

Apple’s iOS7 Meets With Mixed Reviews, But Is It Really That Bad?

Consumers take to the Internet to vent their frustrations about the numerous minor bugs in iOS7, but in today’s society, are first world problems turning into headlines? After weeks of anticipation, iOS7 for the Apple iPhone was released to less than positive reviews. The Internet imediately lit up with backlash, but it’s really not that big of … Continue reading

Designer Babies

A company’s product will allow for parents to select that traits of their children and could change the dynamic of childbearing as we know it.  A consumer genomics company called 23andMe has created a system where parents get to choose the traits of their offspring. Using this system, customers have the ability to select for … Continue reading

The Best of The Worst

4chan takes on its greatest adversary – Itself! It’s getting to be that time of the year, the time when you put on your cleats and shin guards, then sit down at your computer to watch the 4chan Babby cup! For those not familiar, 4chan is the world’s largest English language image posting site. It allows its users … Continue reading



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