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Chiddy Bang Serves Us Breakfast A Little Early

The Philadelphian rapper/producer duo released their debut album digitally a week ahead of schedule.

Xaphoon Jones lays down the beats, and Chidera “Chiddy” Anamege keeps its “swelly” on the mic. Together, the collective has been soothing ears of hip hop fans since 2009, and their first album hopefully will expand their audience.

Their debut Breakfast was set to be released February 28th, but Xaphoon announced on Twitter late on the night of the 20th that it would be available on iTunes and elsewhere online at midnight.

After a short introduction, the album starts off with the title track “Breakfast.” The song blares horns and a steady bass drum underneath Chidera’s braggadocios introduction to the album, with him declaring “Get your plate get your fork get your spoon, its time to have breakfast, and it’s reckless.”

The third song on the album, and first single “Mind Your Manners” is a celebratory song of the group’s recent rise. Chiddy starts off with the brash “Everybody should be raising their glasses,” narrating their newfound fame. Xaphoon calls upon his good friend, the sample, for the chorus, a group of children singing, climaxing at the line”There is no one like me.”

“Ray Charles,” is the 4th song off the album and the new single. Chidera gets creative with his lyricism on the track, using the name Ray Charles to describe the “haters” that he doesn’t bother to see.

The next track, called “Does She Love Me?” is the first time on the album that Chiddy shows an emotion other than ecstasy or bravado, with Chidera rapping about being caught in the dreaded “friend” stage. The chorus finds him asking himself “Does she love me?” and answering “No sir.”

Xaphoon goes wild on the beats on the middle of the LP, describing them on his Twitter account as “Ridiculous.” They are reminiscent of their most recent mixtape, Peanut Butter & Swelly.

The second to last song on the album is entitled “Baby Roulette,” and features the unlikely vocals of the band Train.  On the song Chiddy comically warns “Gotta wear a glove if we’re gonna make love,” being wary of women trying to have his child.

Breakfast is the epitome of a Chiddy Bang release. Xaphoon produces bouncy, sample heavy beats, and Chiddy raps with the swag and subject matter of the college kid that he is. Chiddy Bang sets out to entertain and to introduce themselves to the world, and with Breakfast everyone will be left served.


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