Dylan Armstrong

I am in a class at Ithaca College that has led me to this website. I like to play music. www.soundcloud.com/dylan_armstrong
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Turntable.fm – online news story

Turntable.fm in with the Big Guys After months of running Turntable.fm with no contracts, major record labels are finally signing contracts to license the site for playing rights. Turntable.fm was introduced to the public with a big bang—music aficionados took it in faster than almost any other music-hosting site. Initial fears of the site not … Continue reading

Shopping Cart Victim Suing for Faulty Security

Marion Hedges, the victim of a shopping cart accident back in October 2011, is finally pressing charges with husband Michael Hedges on the Target Shopping Center in Harlem, NY. The Manhattan mother was finding her way back to her car when a shopping cart struck her from four stories above, temporarily “killing her” until medics … Continue reading



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