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Ellen Page’s Bold Move

Actress Ellen Page recently made a big announcement.

Best known for her Oscar-nominated role in Juno, the actress came out as gay at a Human Rights Campaign event in Las Vegas.

“I’m here today because I am gay,” Page announced to the audience. That statement was followed by an enormous round of cheers and applause. She also expressed her desires to make a difference in the LGBT world.

In the world of professional acting, sexual orientation unfortunately plays a bigger role than one might initially imagine. Actors are required to completely become the character that they are portraying, and if their sexual orientation is not in sync with their character, casting agents may not see them as fit to play the role. These casting agents are following the thought process that the audience will not find the character as believable if the actor is publicly known to be of a different sexual orientation. As much as this shouldn’t matter in this day and age, it is a common practice in the world of Hollywood.

As a public figure, Page’s announcement means a lot for the acting business. She joins the ranks of other well-known actors who have come out, such as Neil Patrick Harris and Zachary Quinto. All of these actors are very successful, and their sexuality has not negatively affected their careers. That is not always the case though. By coming out of the closet, Ellen Page is serving as an advocate for equality and justice for all members of the LGBT community. She is paving the road for other famous actors and actresses who are struggling with finding a comfortable balance with their sexuality and career. Page is also serving as a role model to all LGBT youth, by letting them know that it’s okay to be different, and that you can celebrate that fact and not hide from it.

While Page’s coming out was not groundbreaking by any means, it most certainly was a brave move that should be applauded. She is right in the middle of an equality movement, and by opening up and showing her support, she is one of many in a line of people that are changing the world. The more people that vocalize their support for the gay rights movement, the more hope there is to banish prejudice and hatred.




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