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Nicki’s Religious Controversy at the Grammys


Nicki Minaj’s appearance at the 2012 Grammy Awards was what some might consider a bizarre one. With a Pope as her date and an exorcism-mirroring performance, the night was one that we will all remember.

The Female-Rap Superstar was nominated for four Grammy awards this year, but that wasn’t the only reason why all eyes were on her that night. Nicki Minaj is not only notorious for her sick flow and catchy tunes, but for also having very unique and theatrical apparel during any red carpet appearance. But on one of the biggest nights in music she definitely pushed the envelope. Nicki strutted on the red carpet to what appears to be some sort of large red hooded dress designed  by Versace which did have some sort of religious intent, but comes off more as life-size version of little red riding hood. She continues this mock religious theme by having a fake Pope accompany her as she posed for the camera and walked down the carpet as seen in the photo above. Click here for the worst dressed full story.

Throughout the night, Nicki carries on with this theme during her first solo performance at the Grammys. While performing her song, “Romans Revenge”, she began her performance of what appears to be a penance, where she is confessing to a priest and then abruptly a short clip titled The Exorcism of Roman. The clip incorporates Nicki appearing to be possessed in some sort of way by the devil or devil-like subject. After the odd clip, she appears back performing but the stage is set up in a way that a live exorcism was being performed. Attention is taken away from the song and more into this sacrifice being executed on the Grammy stage. The full performance is available here.

Mixed reviews were received on the superstar’s performance. Some may argue that it was a very unique and artistic display from the singer/rapper while others argue it is disrespectful to the catholic community beginning from the pope impersonator to the Exorcism of roman. Either way, Nicki Minaj managed to leave a lasting impression on the public.


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