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The Fluff on FLEFF


The Fluff on FLEFF

The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival is a major event and opportunity for film lovers.


The annual Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival is here and goes on from March 31, 2014 to April 6, 2014. Come support FLEFF and see films at Ithaca College and Cinemopolis.

FLEFF is an annual film festival that takes place in Ithaca New York. The co directors of the film festival are Patricia Zimmermann and Thomas Chevory. They have been running the program since 2005.


This film festival was originally started at Cornell University in 1997. The university combined with a sustainability group to promote awareness of the environment and to celebrate films. Then in 2004, the event switched from being at Cornell University to Ithaca College. The switch became official in 2005, and FLEFF now takes place throughout the Ithaca College Campus and downtown at Cinemopolis in The Commons.


Student opportunities. Students get the chances to go see these films for little money or for free. Ithaca College offers a FLEFF mini course, and opportunities to intern at the film festival. Students may take these courses for credit, and also gain an amazing learning experience. Click here or more information on student opportunities.


The film festival brings cinema lovers together that include children, adults, and students. Independent filmmakers get to show their film to the public, many for the first time at this film festival.


Each year there is a theme for the film festival, and this year it is dissonance. This means that every film must somehow relate to dissonance in some way or form.  The films that are chosen express the themes and then are shown throughout the festival.


There are tickets and passes available. The films shown at Ithaca College and throughout the entire campus are all free. They are open to the public. The films at cinemopolis do cost money. $8 per film, or for a pass of five films, the cost is $20.


FLEFF is an amazing event that anyone who has the opportunity attend, should. A community is formed with those who love cinema, and that is something special. For more information go to the FLEFF website.



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