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Sweatshirt Weather

Fans of the LA based rap group Odd Future rejoiced earlier this month when rapper Earl Sweatshirt returned from a year-long hiatus with new material.
On Wednesday, February 8, a twitter account emerged claiming to be Earl, and something was posted saying that he would release his new song if the account reached 50,000 followers. Lead rapper Tyler, The Creator posted the link to “Earl’s” new twitter account in one of his tweets.
Many people didn’t believe that Earl had actually returned, because Tyler had claimed that Earl returned multiple times since last November, however they have all been pranks that he played on the public. This time was different, because a new video of Earl surfaced on the Internet where he states “Give me fifty-thousand followers today if you want this.”
The account quickly blew up as thousands of fans wanted to hear what Earl had to offer, and to see if his return was for real. When the account hit 50,000 followers, he tweeted a link to terttlefer.com, Earl’s official website, and released his new song to the public.
His new song “Home” has been given mixed reviews. Most fans of Odd Future and Earl liked what they heard. Earl maintained his wordy flow, and his love for cursing on the new minute and a half track. However, when comparing “Home” to a lot of Earl’s older raps such as “Assmilk” or “Couch,” it is obvious that it isn’t one of his best songs.
James Pants, one of Odd Futures main musical producers, produced the beat on “Home.” Compared to the beats from their other songs, this one is nowhere near as creative or enjoyable to listen to and feels rushed. However, Earl makes the best of it by lyrically cart-wheeling over a shimmering hi-hat and some warm synth strokes.
While “Home” might not be one of Earl’s best works, it presents to his fans what they were really after; knowing whether or not spending over a year at a disciplinary boys’ camp in Samoa changed him. With lyrics like “Send you your f*cking arm in the parking lot of a Target / I’m targeting piss, harboring heart dark as that thick parka I slip markers in,” it is clear that Earl is back, and here to stay.


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