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School Shooting At Chardon High School, Ohio

On the morning of February 27, 2012, sophomore student T.J. Lane shot 5 students at Chardon High School, about 35 miles east of Cleveland, Ohio.

Just before 8 AM students reported hearing shots fired in the cafeteria where several individuals were enjoying their breakfast. According to ABC News, Junior Nate Mueller saw his friend get shot, lying in a “puddle of blood next to him.” The school immediately issued a lockdown; students began texting their friends and families to figure out the situation. Student Brady Lawrence, 17, tells the NY Times, “We just didn’t know where he was. They were saying he was loose, and we were scared.”  Luckily, though, an assistant football coach was able to chase Lane out of the school; he is now recognized as a hero.

Two students were taken to Hill Crest Hospital and three were taken by helicopter to MetroHealth Hospital. Out of the five injured students, two could not survive the severe wounds. Daniel Parmertor, who was pronounced dead soon after the shooting, was an aspiring computer repairman, waiting for his daily bus ride to a Vocational school when Lane shot him. “Danny was a bright young boy who had a bright future ahead of him” the Parmertor family tells the NY Times.

Russell King Jr., 17, was pronounced brain dead at 12:42 am on Tuesday. The Chardon community continues to pray for the other three critically injured students while they mourn the catastrophic losses of Parmertor and King.

Lane was apparently a student at Lake Academy, an alternative school, but was a familiar face to many at Chardon High, who claim that he was an outcast and a victim of bullying. Attorney Robert Farnacci told ABC News that Lane’s family is mourning the tragic loss of the community. Lane has been arrested and is expected to appear in court on Tuesday afternoon.

The entire school district shut down for the remainder of the day and is expected to remain closed on Tuesday, February 28th.


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