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NFL Combine Allows Future Draftees To Strut Their Stuff

This week in Indianapolis, some of the best college football players in the nation will gather for the most important job interviews of their lives. This interview is better known to the public as the NFL Combine.

At the Combine, 300 players of all different positions will be tested physically, as well as mentally. They run rigorous tests, interview with teams, and try to be the best player out there.

Patrick Peterson at 2011 NFL Combine (via Google Images)

The “main event” of the NFL combine is the 40-yard dash. Players line up, and on their start, try to run 40 yards as fast as they can. This drill is intended to show how fast players accelerate. They are marked at ten, twenty, and forty yards. Although teams don’t look into this drill that deeply, performing well can certainly grab some attention.

Chris Johnson, a young running back from East Carolina University, came to the NFL Combine in 2008 under the radar. He was simply another name and a face in the crowd. But once Johnson ran his 40-yard dash in 4.24 seconds, the fastest time in the modern NFL era, he garnered strong consideration from many teams. Chris was taken 24th overall by the Tennessee Titans.

Other events such as the bench press, the shuttle, the 5-10-5 drill, and particular position drills are used to determine a player’s strength, endurance, agility, as well as their football IQ. The Combine can be make-or-break for some, while it may just be used to pad the stats of others.

This year, Andrew Luck is expected to come to the NFL Combine simply to make himself look even better. Luck is widely regarded as a no-brainer as the number one overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft.

Although the Combine helps teams to see their talent, the event doesn’t always transfer to the field. One of the most polarizing figures in the NFL today, Tim Tebow, had one of the best showings for a quarterback era, and yet still receivers much negative press for his ability to play the position.

Whether to make a lasting impression, or to simply show off the skills that have already been made evident, the NFL Combine is gateway for many young players to become the next legendary player of their generation.


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