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Liverpool vs. Tottenham or Chelsea vs. AC Milan?

Liverpool FC and the Tottenham Hotspurs are playing in Baltimore on July 28, 2012, the on problem with this is that on the same day Chelsea and AC Milan will be playing just 33 miles down the road at FedEx Field in Landover Maryland.

M&T Bank is hosting international soccer for the third time and are hoping for a better turn out than the last time they did where the only garnered 36,000 fans. With both games going on the same day it may be difficult for fans to go to both even though they are so close. There is also another game that is scheduled for the same day in which local squad DC United is to take on the Italian side Juventus. Although the games are on at different times the draw of the international double header and the intrigue of an intercontinental clash will most likely draw a much larger crowd than a preseason match between two middle of the pack Premier League squads.

Back in 2009 Chelsea and AC Milan played a friendly match a none other than M&T Bank Stadium. The game drew and enormous crowd of 71,203 people selling out the massive bay side stadium. Judging by the amount of people garnered by those two teams playing just three years ago, it may be difficult for Liverpool and Tottenham to attract a crowd worthy of the match.

Over the last four seasons the Spurs lead the series 5-2-1, with the draw coming in the most recent tie. This season Liverpool has struggled and currently sit eighth on the table while Tottenham is sitting in four points out of third with three games to go. This could also make it more difficult to draw a crowd with this while their competition, Chelsea and AC Milan, are competing for major championships, the UEFA Champions League and the Serie A Championship respectively.

Although this game has a huge draw due to the fact that world-class soccer is returning to Baltimore after a year long hiatus, it seems that their neighbors down I-95 have the bigger draw. The Ravens, the event sponsor, will have to be creative to garner the fan support that this high profile match deserves.


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