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Macabre Theater Ensemble

Ithaca College is home to a wide variety of clubs and organizations and the number of programs has been growing at a steady pace every year. One such organization is the Macabre Theater Ensemble.
The Macabre Theater ensemble is a new student run theater troupe that specializes in a somewhat eccentric and obscure form of theater. Since it’s inception in 2011, the company has put on two productions: Teeth A Parody and Night of the Living Dead. The founder of the company, Sean Pollock, was also the director of their first production. “MTE, Macabre Theatre Ensemble, focuses on producing works that are typically darker in nature, such as horror, horror-comedy, science fiction, and thrillers” said Mr. Pollock about his theater organization. “The goal is to create a unique theatre group that Ithaca hasn’t seen before and bring theatre to a much more alternative audience.”
Both productions put on by MTE have generated significant buzz around campus and now the club has quite a following. The next play the group will perform is Trepidation Nation. Trepidation Nation is a series of monologues and short two person scenes all revolving around the same theme: fear. This play is directed by Mr. Caleb Cushing, a freshman english major at Ithaca College. Mr. Cushing had this to say about Trepidation Nation, “Its a really unique experience. One of mankind’s most inhibiting features is the ability to fear. Getting the chance to explore this theme with these actors has been truly remarkable.”
IC is world renowned for its theater and musical theatre department. As a result, the productions put on in Dillingham by the Theatre department are extremely competitive to get into. MTE provides a creative environment for those who enjoy acting as a hobby, but who may not be pursuing it as a career. Trepidation Nation is set to be performed on the 23rd and 25th of March.


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