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Hydraulic Fracturing in New York

New York State has had a moratorium on fracking for the past 6 years.  The debate on whether the state should lift this moratorium is more alive now than ever.  

One of the most controversial topics in New York State right now is hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking. There has been a moratorium on fracking in New York for over 6 years but some people think the Marcellus Shale formation should be fracked. 

 Marcellus Shale is a shale formation spanning from West Virginia to New York.  Hydraulic Fracturing uses high pressured water mixed with chemicals to extract oil from rock.  In some instances oil companies are refusing to tell what chemicals they are using and it is causing an uproar.  

Hydraulic Fracturing has been the topic of many documentaries including Gasland which shows people who have been victims of fracking gone wrong.  The majority of these documentaries including Gasland talk of the dangers and pollution caused by fracking.  Gasland received a lot of attention after it’s release in 2010.

Some groups including New Yorkers Against Fracking are trying to prevent fracking in New York by educating the public on the dangers of fracking.  New Yorkers Against Fracking pride themselves on informing the people of New York about the government’s regulation. 

Natural gas companies are trying to counter these groups by creating websites and publishing educational literature on the Fracking.  One website called Energy From Shale looks to explain what fracking is and how it can be done safely.  The website also talks about how fracking can be done in the most effective manner.

Energy From Shale talks about the benefits of fracking which include building a strong economy and providing affordable fuel to our country.  If the moratorium on fracking was lifted in New York the state would experience a boom in the economy.  

Allowing fracking in New York would create jobs in all sorts of fields ranging from engineering to hospitality.  But New York will have to weigh the pro and cons of fracking before we know if the moratorium is lifted.








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