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The Humans of New York Story

Humans of New York (HONY) is a page that was created to capture the people of New York City using photography. Brandon Stanton is the street photographer and creator behind it all.

Photography is an art of its own, but it becomes much more powerful with an amazing photographer. Stanton started Humans of New York to provide the world with both pictures and stories of people in the New York City. Stanton had “A goal to take 10,000 photographs.”

Humans of New York was started by a photographer who did what he loved, photography, but it has become so much more. Stanton captures an image of a person or people and tells their story. What people have to say can range from nothing, to a story that is life changing or inspirational. Stanton provides what he asked and their response, along with the photograph he took. The point of it all is that everyone has a story and something to say, but photography can help spread the message.

Over a period of time, Stanton accumulated enough photos to create a book and have it published in the year of 2013.  Little did one know how successful the book would be. There were so many people who pre-ordered his book that it became out of stock at one point.  It has even been on the New York Times Best Seller List ever since it was released. People around the world have become familiar with Stanton’s work and the Humans of New York page.

Stanton uses social media sites like Facebook or Instagram to share his work, but he also has an official website for Humans of New York. Stanton’s  Humans of New York Facebook page was the start of it all. There are currently 3.3 million likes on the page. Facebook was where Humans of New York originated and so much more has come from it, since it was created. Social media sites have allowed for Stanton’s photos to be seen internationally. Followers of Humans of New York get fast updates on Stanton’s daily work. A picture can have so much meaning along with a story to tell it with.

Brandon Stanton even sat down a couple of times with people share his story. He was even on ABC’s Nightline and talked about how far he has come as photographer and with the page. His ability of being an amazing photographer and journalist, have surprised the world.

The Humans of New York influence around the world is amazing. Other countries have created Facebook pages with the same Humans of New York style and name, but instead of New York, it’s Humans of the country or city name. Even schools have done this too.

Humans of New York has come such a long way since Brandon Stanton started the page. It seems that the idea of one man to photograph people in a city, has become a life-changing event for the world. One can purchase the book at Barnes and Nobles.




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