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MLS All-Stars continue to face top European clubs

If you’re a soccer fan in the tri-state area, mark your calendar for July 25th. That’s when EPL powerhouse Chelsea visits Philadelphia to take on the 2012 MLS All Stars at PPL Park.
The announcement was made during a press conference on April 11th in Chester, PA. PPL Park was awarded the 2012 MLS All Star game on January 24th.

Chelsea last played the MLS All Stars 6 years ago, losing 1-0. 6 years gone, Chelsea return to face the same manager, Peter Nowak, that beat them in the 2006 MLS All Star Game. As the hometown MLS coach of the site for the All Star game, Nowak was given the honor to manage the All Stars.

This time Chelsea could be coming in as the best team in Europe, as they play in the UEFA Champions League Final against Bayern Munich on May 19th after defying the odds and defeating FC Barcelona in the semifinals, as well as the English FA Cup final against Liverpool on may 5th.

The MLS All Stars are coming off of two straight defeats by the same club, Manchester United. The Red Devils defeated them 5-2 in 2010, and then 4-1 in 2011. Before that, the MLS All Stars were 5-0-1 against international clubs. The MLS All Stars will be looking to get back on the winning trend at PPL Park on July 25th.

The MLS has been using this format, playing big international clubs instead of each other, for the All-Star game going back to 2003. The MLS All-Stars have played prominent clubs such as, Everton FC (English Premier League), Fulham (English Premier League), Chivas de Guadalajara (Mexico Primera Division), Celtic FC (Scottish Premier League), Manchester United (English Premier League), and of course, Chelsea FC (English Premier League).  

Tickets are on sale now at PhiladelphiaUnion.com.


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