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A Leap into the Future

With all the recent upgrades in technology over the past few years I was surprised that there was not any gismos or gadgets that allowed you to use the hands free 3D motion technology that is used in the Wii and Xbox connect. Then I heard of the Leap Motion, which is a little plug-in USB type gadget that allows you to do just that. I had to buy one and I have got to say this thing is crazy. There a complete app store for this device, called Airspace, which is the same thing as the Apple Store, but only for the Leap Motion. Not only is there a extremely cool app store for this device, but some of these apps allow you to control any Mac or PC hands free. That is right, I said hands free. You can literally point, slide, and wave your fingers or hands to control your computer. Personally I set my controller to recognize my hands clapping to open up my email, one finger wave to the left for Facebook, one finger right for YouTube, three fingers up for volume, three fingers down for lower volume, five finger wave left or right to slide from applications open. I also use my finger as the mouse, as in I just point to where I want on a website or anything and push inwards with my finger to represent a click. I thought this was amazing and spent hours on hours just playing around and using my fingers and hands as a magic wand. It is honestly something you can’t put down until you realize what time it is with how fast it goes while playing with the leap.

While I slightly know what I am doing and how to use this device, I still do not even know half of what is possible with Leap Motion. I don’t even know what to download from the Airspace app store, but I got these not yet fully bugged out early apps that still allow me to do this amazing stuff. So I cant even imagine how much more futuristic and crazy this device is going to be in a couple months to a year when everything is worked out and perfected more because it is truly unreal as it is now.


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