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Kim Davis Making Her Way Through the Media

Despite recent Supreme Court rulings, same-sex couples are still finding difficulties gaining marriage licenses in some parts of the country. One area that specifically sticks out is Rowan Country in Kentucky.

Kim Davis, 49, has recently been declining granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples in her hometown in Kentucky. Although she considers herself a Democrat, she is having some trouble adjusting to the new law stating that same-sex couples are legally allowed to marry. According to CNN, she ordered her 6 deputies, one of which is her son, to not issue any licenses for her.Click here to view the full article.

After serving a few days serving time in the Carter County Detention Center, Davis spoke at a public gathering expressing her gratitude toward all of her supporters and followers. She was able to say a few words after walking out to the crowd blasting Eye of the Tiger by Survivor.The whole video can be found here.

Davis also had the opportunity to meet with Pope Francis during his visit to America at the end of last month. According to USA News, Davis was extremely overjoyed and humble to be able to meet with the Pope. He thanked her for courage, hugged, and asked her to stay strong throughout her ‘journey’. Davis and her husband were also presented with two rosaries that were especially blessed by the pontiff himself. View the full article here.

This past Saturday, Saturday Night Live made its season premiere with Miley Cyrus as its host. In her opening monologue, she mocked many people who made news fame this past summer. As she sung, actors came out acting like Rachel Dolezal, Josh Duggar, and Kim Davis. The actress who played Davis came out with her hands raised above her hands just like she did when she was released from jail. The audience found a lot of humor in this mockery of these so-called famous people.


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