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The Last of a Dying Breed

Once upon a time, the titans of racing consisted of a few passionate men making cars out of their shed’s. They made them not for money or fame but for the love of speed and of driving. The cars were not merely modes of transportation but extensions of themselves and expressions of their passions for motor racing culture.

Since the “golden age” of autos, many of these titans have fallen to conglomeration and merchandising. Companies such as Lamborghini, Bugatti and Bentley have since sold out to Volkswagen and lost some sense of personal identity, as well as the soul that defined their brands. Others who have managed to keep their identity and soul like Ferrari, despite being bought by Fiat, have succumbed to the trend of ultra-branding and merchandising in way that we don’t usually see in the automotive industry. Much like apple products, it has no longer become about owning a high performance item or indulging in the passion of the culture, but simply owning an item with the company’s logo slapped on it.

There are however a few lone companies that still have this primal passion for speed, power and luxury. They know what it takes to make an astonishing car while not losing any of the soul that makes it truly desirable. The one name that immediately comes to mind is Pagani. They are essentially mad men with with a little too much smarts and way too much money.

The men at Pagani have recently built a car that stirs the soul, makes you tingle, and above all else shows what true passion can create. This masterpiece: The Pagani Huayra. This elegant piece of machinery is one of the must luxurious, fast and mental things you will ever drive.

This car is one that could save the heritage and longevity of the independent automaker. It gives the driver the primal feelings of fear, and joy without sacrificing anything. It is pure and unaffected by corporate labels or restrictions. It is what it is and doesn’t pretend to be anything else. It was built with that care and detail that makes it desirable by many. As stated by Richard Hammond during his review of the Huayra, “[Pagani] has something that its main rivals, Ferrai and Lamborghini no longer possess…. its innocence.” and that that is something that we cannot afford to lose.


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