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2013 Marblehead Christmas Walk

In the quiet, secluded town of Marblehead, the streets are abuzz with excited families parading through the streets and decades-old traditions that truly give one a feel of the classic “holiday spirit”.

At this time of the year, it’s all about family. No matter what you or your family celebrates, it’s important to recognize how lucky we all are. In this small coastal town, a sentiment such as this rings especially true. With over 20,000 residents but only a handful of cozy country inns and no hotels, it’s clear that Marblehead has avoided the radar of the surrounding vacationers. I interviewed Steven Callahan, a resident of Marblehead and an attendee of last year’s Christmas Walk, and he seemed to genuinely appreciate the enormous effort put forth by the town:

The town of Marblehead embraces its residents by having a spectacular parade where lots of families, friends, and children line the streets to watch the floats and Santa go by. The kids are especially keen to see Santa…because he throws candy at the crowd.

The parade is a collection of floats with a bevy of different organizations. School groups, the fire and police departments, and businesses are all represented. But that’s just the beginning of the Christmas Walk. There’s also a tree lighting ceremony, a ribbon cutting, a gingerbread house competition, a craft fair held by local artisans, and the arrival of Santa in none other than a lobster boat. Yes, you read correctly, a lobster boat. Fishing and the coastal lifestyle is clearly very important to the people of Marblehead, and this is just one of the ways they decide to display it.

Marblehead is a wonderful town for local families looking to brighten up the typically dark and cold December days before the holidays. If you happen to have any relatives in the area and you’re looking for a reason to visit this beautiful town in early December, it would be prudent to add Marblehead to your plans.

marblehead_santas_arrival                              marblehead_tree_lighting_ceremony







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