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One Direction Hits It Big

Image from kiss925.com

The new British boy band, One Direction, was recently introduced to the states in February 2012. In just the past month, these hunks have made a splash and managed to steal the hearts of many.

If you are unfamiliar with this new rockin’ boy band, you may recognize their most popular single- “What Makes You Beautiful“. Even though the boys are most well known for this song, they have many more in their repertoire such as “Up All Night” and “Na Na Na“.

One Direction, or 1D as many fans refer to them as, has done so well in such a short amount of time that they already have announced their 2012 North American Tour! The band will start the tour in Virginia and make its way to New Jersey, New York, California, Florida, and even Canada! The show stopper will be on December 3rd at Madison Square Garden in the Big Apple itself.

If you think the tour stops there, think again! One Direction starts back up in 2013 with their “Up All Night” UK Tour making stops in London, Manchester, Dublin, and many more notable places.

After that, it’s back to North America for a summer 2013 tour and then to Australia and New Zealand in September and October of 2013. If you would like to check out an extended list of One Direction’s 2012-2013 tour dates, click here!

With the next year and a half all planned out for 1D, you may wonder what they could possibly do next. We can never be too sure, but the new band has managed to continuously surprise and wow us and I am sure that even more tour dates and albums will be introduced in just a matter of time!

These boys are absolutely amazing and even though their career just got started, it is clear that they will be unstoppable in the entertainment industry. I just can’t wait to see what One Direction has in store for us next!


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