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Anime: The Booming Industry

As the entertainment industry fights to keep certain forms of media alive, such as newspaper and magazine publications, the anime industry appears to be growing. The Japanese style of animation has steadily been gaining popularity as many shows have been featured on major channels such as Cartoon Network and G4 as well as streaming media sites.

Content savvy websites such as Tumblr and Reddit have sections devoted to anime and manga that often leak to audiences that wouldn’t normally find Japanese cartoons appealing. I’ve noticed that the internet has given more acceptance to the phenomena that is anime, and many internet memes such as ‘Caramelldansen’ have spawned. Other video subscription sites such as Hulu and Netflix have taken advantage of this growing interest and have increased their catalog of anime, The New York Times reported on this as well.

Raleigh in North Carolina annually celebrates anime and Japanese culture with the Animazement convention on the Memorial Day weekend. The convention hosts a variety of anime and manga related events, contest, discussion panels, merchandise tables, and brings in some big names from the business.  Chad Matich is the video room coordinator and has been working for Animazement since 2005. Matich said that he thinks that more people are becoming more accepting to anime, citing Netflix and Barnes and Noble as proof of that. He also thinks that more kids today are growing up watching anime than in past decades. He said that, “The only thing about today’s youth that watch anime is that they don’t realize how easy they have it. They never had to suffer through the dark ages of the 80’s and the early 90’s.” Matich joked at how production quality of anime is significantly better these days. He commented that the convention has steadily increased participation rate of the past few years which is evident on the website for Animazement. So if you’re in the area Memorial Day weekend you should spend some time at the convention located in downtown at the Raleigh Convention Center at 500 South Salisbury Street.


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