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Austin Scharfstein’s Dirty bird Article


Dirty Bird , is an up and coming indie rock band with big plans for the summer.  On the heels of a gig opening for British rapper/singer/songwriter Jay Sean that had the audience dancing and singing along minutes into their first song, the band is looking to tour, expand, and regroup.


The group’s core members,  Alex DeSemine (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Alex Tremitiere (vocals and bass), and Zach Moses (lead guitar and vocals), have been playing together for over 3 years—having met when they were in suburban New Jersey high schools.  Their raucous rhythms, clever lyrics, and vibrant harmonies led to a loyal following in that local scene.


As their musicianship has grown, so too has their reputation. They perform regularly at the famed Stone Pony in Asbury Park, in New York’s Bitter End, Philadelphia’s Trocadero Theatre, and in festivals up and down the East Coast. They opened for Sean at Fordham University’s Spring Weekend 2012 in early May. Their summer tour schedule is already filled through July.


Dirty Bird is an evolving musical force. It hasn’t let this early success clip its wings. Band spokesman DeSemine, who’s finishing up his freshman year of college at Fordham University, revealed what’s next. “We’re looking to expand our sound to something a four-piece band cannot contain,” he said.


“[Drummer Asher Bank] is moving on to Ohio to study at Oberlin [College and Conservatory],” he explained, which makes this summer the ideal time for changes.


“We’ll be auditioning new drummer and looking for a fifth member, a multi-instrumentalist. By the end of the summer,” he said, “the Dirty Bird lineup will be new!”


Dirty Bird’s current sound has been compared to the Seattle, Washington-based indie folk group Fleet Foxes. Vocal harmonies and a classic rock formula are characteristic of both bands’ sound, but Dirty Bird’s original songwriting sets them apart. For example, the cut “Action/Reaction” from their self-titled EP progresses beautifully through the emotional journey of a young lust-filled encounter. With a combination of rhythmic variation and vocal intensity, it is a perfect example of why Dirty Bird has what it takes.


Follow Dirty Bird on Facebook and on Twitter @DirtyBirdOnline. All Dirty Bird songs are available for free download.




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