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Coachella: Tupac’s Live Performance! (hologram style)


Snoop performs with Tupac’s Hologram

Coachella brought a lot of various artists to perform. All the performances were unforgettable, but one that stood out to a lot of people was Tupac’s. Or should I say his hologram stood out? 

Tupac rose from the dead at Coachella and performed with Dr. Dre and Snoop. A lot of people were indifferent about Tupac’s hologram performance. The cost of creating the hologram was estimated at $400,000 and took 4 months to make. It’s crazy because since Tupac’s death (1996) he has released 7 albums. Why go through all this trouble to make this hologram? The audience was both in shock but confused at the same time. Kyra Werbin, who witnessed Tupac’s holographic performance gives her opinion about it. “Honestly, I thought it was weird. It was cool that all of G-Unit was there but it was so weird, because Snoop was rapping with him (Tupac) on stage as if he were real. And he looked almost real but still everyone knew he wasn’t there. It was just a bizarre thing to see.” 

Kyra is not alone. Many fans thought it was unusual but still very cool. The preparation for this hologram was not easy. Dr. Dre teamed up with Nick Smith, president of AV concepts and worked together to re-create Tupac as a hologram. MTV has an exclusive of how the rapper was resurrected. The crowd went wild when Tupac came on, but they knew he wasn’t actually there. 

Regardless, his performance was mind blowing. Fans went crazy for it. There has been talk about a hologram Tupac tour. Fans are also weird about that concept too. But Dre put these rumors to rest and has announced, “This was strictly for Coachella. This was not done for a tour.” But who knows! Maybe Tupac will come back from the dead once again and go on tour.  


By: Victoria Weinberg



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