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Kid Cudi Turns into a Wzrd

Alexander C. Brown


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Kid Cudi Turns into a WZRD

Since Lil’ Wayne’s rock album “Rebirth” brought terrible reviews, many were skeptical if rap artist should try making rock albums. Rapper Kid Cudi has ignored critics, and release music his fans will love, even if its rock.

As the album comes closer to its release date of February 28th, many are worried it will be a disappointment and a terrible change from what they’re accustom to hearing from Kid Cudi (Real Name Scott Mescudi). In his past two albums, Man On The Moon I & II, most of Cudi’s songs related to weed and having a great time at parties. His stoner persona has been something that has attracted fans and the energy he brings in songs. What fans related to the most was the feeling we are all different from each other and that it is not always a bad thing.

Now, drug free, and with a daughter, Kid Cudi and frequent collaborator/producer Dot Da Genius have created the band WZRD. Earlier in 2011, WZRD released a promotional single called “Perfect Is The Word”. Near the end of 2011, Kid Cudi released the first single of the album called “Brake”. While he is very excited for his new project, Kid Cudi knows that not everybody will like this approach with the rock album. “I think about the kids very little and think about what I want to make, more than anything,” He said during an interview with Red Bull. We were working and creating something, we think too much about the consumer and lose our way.” Cudi acknowledge that the album will have no profanity and is the first album he’s written sober. Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius held a Preview to the album at the W.I.P in NYC. 30 sec Snippets can now be found online of the entire album. Win or lose, the WZRD project will make its point that rappers don’t always have to stick to their genre of music.


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